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A stone for my children who have passed.

missmybabies started this conversation

I need help getting a tombstone for my babies grave. Keslee , Kaden and Jaymie. Keslee has a stone already but i want to get another one so i can put her brothers on the same stone with her. Keslee passed away in my womb when i was 7 1/2 months pregant from a placental abruption from a car accident i was in in 1999. Kaden James was my first son. He was concieved on my honeymoon and due to being a high risk pregnancy and blood clotting disease called factor 8 he passed away in my womb at 23 weeks. Jaymie( James R Dreese 111) was my second son and last child. I was also high risk with him due to blood clotting. He was born three months early Sept 3 2006. He was one pound and three ounces when he was born, He spent every day of his life before he passed away in the nicu. He was a very sick baby. He had a grade three brain hemorrage, NEC, lung infections, rop, Cystic Fibrosis. I spent every day in the nicu with him, I sang to him, read books, PRAYED, I only got to hold him a few times and change his diaper. My ex- husband and i had to take Jaymie off of life support Dec 26, 2006. The dr's told us there was nothing more they could do. We made the unselfish decision to let him go with Jesus. I held him in my arms as he took his last breath. We were hoping that a miracle would hppen and that his infection would go away and he would just start to breath on his own but that did not happen. We burried Jaymie December 29, 2006. That was the third hardest day of my life. I have been not myself every since. I wanted to share my story with the hopes of maybe somebody helping me to get a stone for all three of my babies to be on one. They deserve to be together. I am on Disability and cannot afford to pay for it. My heart would feel so much better if I knew that my babies had a resting stone that honored their memory. If you could help id grealy appreciate it and i will definitley pay it forward in other ways.


My name is Tonya Dreese

address is 5413 Enclave cr

Ft wORTH Tx 76132......Thanks so much

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I found my own way here because my heart aches for my babies. My heart very much goes out  to you. I am a broken man hoping his children find him someday. Honestly, after praying, you need to know your children are with you everywhere you go. They do deserve and will recieve the honor but, know they have never not been counted. God bless you. For I have felt your pain and the sharing has eased my own. If I may, always plant the seeds of your children in your heart. It's there that you will still grow together.

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